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Roms v3

Resurrection Remix Canvas Knight MT6592

Resurrection Remix



Navigation Bar 
-Enable/Disable Navbar 
-Navbar Ring Switch 
-Navbar Ring Targets 
-Navbar Button Customization 
-Navbar Dimensions(Potrait & Landscape) 
-Brightness Slider 
-Enable/Disable Show Notification Count 
-SuperUser Indicator Switch 
-Carrier Label 
-Carrier Label Switch 
-Carrier label Colour 
-Quick PullDown Switch 
-Smart Pulldown Switch 
-Clock Customizations 
-Time & date 
-Clock Colour 
-Day & date Toogle 
-Center Clock/Right Clock Choice 
-Battery Bar customization 
-Battery Icon Customization(circle/landscape/Potrait and more) 
-Battery % Text 
-Network Traffic Indicator 
-Theme Chooser 
-Toast Animations 
-ListView Animations 
-System Animations 
-Gestures Anywhere Feature 
-App Circle Bar 
-Choose apps in App circle 
-Trigger Width 
-Trigger Height 
-Trigger Position 
-Recents Panel 
-Clear All button Switch 
-Clear All Tasks Switch 
-Clear All Button Location(Top right,Top Left,Top Center,Bottom Left,Bottom Right,Bottom Center) 
-Cclock Widget 
-CLock And Alarm Customizations 
-Weather Panel Customizations 
-Calender Events 
-Lockscreen Shortcuts 
-Choose upto 5 Shortcuts 
-100+ Icons for Shortcuts 
-Quick Slider Shortcuts 
-Notification Drawer 
-Weather Display Switch 
-Quick Settings 
-Choice to Add 20+ Tiles 
-Enable 2/3/4 Tiles per Row 
-Enable Disable Birghtness Slider in Notification Panel 
-Advanced Location Settings Switch(Choose Battery saving/Device Only/High Accuracy Directly in Notification Panel) 
-LongPress Toogles to Enter Settings 
-Backlight Timer 
-Backlight Strength 
-Navigation Bar left/Right handed mode Switch 
-Power Menu 
-Power Menu End Calls Switch 
-Home Button(For devices with HW keys Only) 
-Home Button Wake Up 
-Home Button answer call 
-Long Press Actions 
-Double Tap Actions 
-Back Button(For devices with HW keys Only) 
-Wake Up device Switch 
-Menu Button(For devices with HW keys Only) 
-Wake Up Device Switch 
-Short Press Actions 
-Long Press Actions 
-Search Button(For devices with HW keys Only) 
-Wake Up Device 
-Short Press Action 
-Long Press Action 
-Volume Buttons
-Wake Up Device 
-Playback Control 
-Keyboard Cursor Control 
-Swap Buttons on Landscape mode 
-Perfomance Profiles 
-LCD Density 
-Expanded Desktop Mode 
-All New CM Audio FX App 
-Heads Up Customizations 
-OverAll Smoothness Improvements 
-Quick Unlock 
-Optimizations to Improve Battery 
-ALL cm12 Features 


put d rom in Storage
Reboot to recovery > wipe cache davilk cache and data
Install zip > navigate to sd card > select zip 
flash d rom now the real part begins after booting d rom u will get blutooth fc ignore this 
now open app drawer (launcher) > open the app named "selinuxchanger" 
allow root permission 
then select "permissive"without wasting time navigate to setting > developer setting > turn on advanded reboot 
hold power button 
click on reboot 
select soft reboot voila camera and sensor starts working 


Q.Cm not there in launcher 
Ans.dont worry install any third party app or use camera from lock screen(if cam is there then u can use it) 
Q.wifi not turning off 
Ans.go to setting > wifi > press action key > select advanced > disable scanning always available 
Q.sound very low? 
Ans.just enable all 3 buttons down in Dolby atom and use any 3rd party music app 


Ricky Aditya 
Darshan Mistry 
Manish Singh 
Pawan diyal 
Akash khatri (Mr. Ak) 
Avinash Kodidasu 


Download Rom : Click Here

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  1. How to download?
    Asks password!

  2. Replies
    1. bugs are there..sim2 data, hotspot, hd playback,youtube..

  3. bro need bug less lolipop rom

    1. try latest cm roms they are bugless. this is one is too old

  4. Is this rom is for canvas Knight 3 e471


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