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Roms v3

Temasek OS Stable (6.0.1) Canvas Knight v3 MT6592




All Cm 12.1 And 13 Features
-Improved Performance
-Extra CM Enhancement
-App Circle Bar
-C Clock Widget
-Super Smooth
-Quick Unclock
-Battery Optimizer
-Latest Patch Included
- Ambient Display
- Floating Windows
- Statusbar Customizations
- Clock Alignment
- Battery Settings
- Charging animations
- Dotted circle battery settings
- Battery colours
- Battery bar
- Statusbar greeting
- Network Traffic
- Statusbar Brightness control
- Breathing Notifications
- Quick Pull down
- Smart Pull down
- Quick Settings Management
- DPI Settings
- Live Display
- Ambient Display
- Doze
- Smart cover options
- Lockscreen weather
- Lockscreen colours
- Middle and bottom shortcuts
- Button Settings
- Navigationbar customization
- Slim PIE
- Gesture Anywhere
- Navigation ring Targets
- Animation Controls
- Slim Recents
- Omni Switch
- Recents RAM Bar
- HeadsUP Settings
- App circle sidebar
- Apps sidebar
- many many more...




Make a proper back of ur current ROM.
Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, Data
Flash Rom
Follow The Instruction On Firts Boot


Fire 855 (The Legend who bought cm to mtk)
Temsek Team
Ajit Gujariya
CyanogenMod Team


    Download Rom: Click Here
    No Sim Card Issue Flash This : Click Here
    Getting Imei Error (Use This On PC) : Click here
    Gapps : Click Here
    Premium Themes Collection By Hasan : Click Here

    About Unknown


    1. callfc zip not working shows error settings phone system ui stoped working after flashing it

      1. you dont need to flash callfc ...there is no issue with force close of call ui in this rom

    2. Privacy grade not give root access any app i gave permission from developer option but its working

      1. try rooting with a third party app with root disabled in settings ...and then uncheck respect cm settings ...this option u will find in supersu settings

      2. he is right bro inbuilt root doesn't work and flashing compatible supersu also not working

      3. Yeah i think i screwed up the root i tried to install supersu by default using kitchen...i found solution however ...i m sorry guys for this ..i actually was trying to improve the performance by tweaks and i unintentionally might have screwed up the root..ok so the solution is to install kingroot app ..and root with it it will say it doesnt have a root strategy just click on try rooting and then it will say root failed but it would have actually enabled the root ...and that is the solution i can find ...

      4. i can confirm kingroot works only i had to try 2 times :)

    3. this rom has led notification issue,will try to fix.

      1. Bro led works for me ....

      2. it works but sometimes,it turns on without any notifications..

      3. bro u wont believe the antutu benchmark score whooping 39000+ with this rom ..

      4. What about LED notification issue any update for Fixing it

      5. Hey +techy gamer thanks for trying this rom ...i havent been able to confirm the LED problem ...i never was able to replicate it on my device...Did u personally face the problem??..if yes then i would make a flashable zip as a fix ..Let me know bro ...

      6. LED notification doesn't blink and it get turn off whan screen is on so can help to fix it bro...

      7. This ROM is great I got antutu score of 34551

      8. yeah i know i got an antutu of 39427 ...sorry bro idk about the led but i will make a fix ok...i am not sure if it would because i cant confirm as i never faced the issue ...i will however make the fix right now and post it in half an hour ... so just help me and let me know if it works for you ok?
        just out of curiosity which launcher do u use and which gapps package did u install>

      9. Hey guys i am giving u link of the complete folder for fix and rom ..u can visit it for all updates and fixes :)


      11. i have also uploaded a file named gps fix by conf actually makes your gps more accurate and fast :)

      12. Bro how did you get 39427 score what tweak you apply can you let me know

      13. i havent used much tweaks ...using tweaks actually lowered antutu by a 1000 to 38k ...i have right now enabled the premium battery saver feature on the root booster premium apk you can download the premium from here
        i have uploaded it in the same folder from ther e:)

      14. oh by tweaks i mean like l speed, nitro , abs and skynet ..and i havent even used seeder ...i think that these actually have an opposite effect on the tweaks that i have incorporated already in the rom ...i think these tweaks actually replace those files ..

      15. LED fix does not work but replace 3 file in lib/hw/,, from any stable rom ex RR13.

      16. i did that only ...i thought that should work
        Could you check this one?

    4. was able to get 38752 :)..Previously didn't even cross the 35000 mark ...awesome work @Cyroid...the LED works fine for me and yeah kingroot works ...however some people like supersu is there a way to get supersu back??


      2. Yeah there is a way but i prefer kingroot because it allows uninstallation of system apps as well but anyway its a personal opinion...follow these steps
        1. Download this and extract it in sd card i mean the mrw folder should be in your sd card
        2. open terminal emulator type su, grant root access
        3. now enter this , remember u need to change the path if u extracted it somewhere however it didnt work sometimes when the path was changed so better if u extract it in sdcard in the first place
        "sh /sdcard/mrw/" enter this in terminal, without the quotes of course.
        4. it will take a while then supersu will launch if it doesnt try launching it urself and install binary

        and then it will ask u to reboot ..reboot u will have replaced kingroot with supersu !! :)

    5. CAMERA Fix for all those suffering from camera problems..i noticed my camera was reduced to 5mp anyway it could be my own problem because i flashed a mod ...i havent tested it yet but it should work

      1. Sorry wrong link this is the right link harsimran add this as a camera fix for all cm13 or 6.0.1 roms :)

      Camera fix!!

    7. Hi aradhya thanks a lot for such an awesome ROM. I am facing issue for restoring IMEI using mob uncle.It says can't find system. Secondly when trying to root with Kongo root it goes till 90% and then restarts my phone..

      1. mobileuncle needs root it wont be able to restore imei in your case if kingroots not working i will upload the exact apk version for you ...ok as for the imei case ...i have a solution do u have a nandroid backup if yes then head over to restore tab of the twrp recovery (u need to have twrp not philz sorry) ...then just restore nvram and uncheck all ...the twrp supports partial touch so after each touch to be effective u need to press a hardware key personally i prefer volume up button ;P ...and then just restore the nvram and u will be done however if u also want apps like games , whatsapp, fb u had on the previous rom u can go for checking data as well but not the system ok? ...just restore them ...and i said to use kingroot not kongoroot!!..however i will give u the link works for me and there is no reason it wont work for you ...

        PS However if u dont have twrp and you went for a nandroid backup of philz or u dont have a nandroid backup
        root with kingroot and then try mobileuncletools
        with philz backup u can use titanium backup nd use nandroid option and then extract your data however for imei u still have to use mobileuncle ..titanium is for restoring data from nandroid backup...

        Sorry i made it so long but i think all of this should help yu or any other potential user anyway thanks for trying this ROM !! :)

      2. and sorry i didnt reply earlier actually am busy with my prep for aiims mbbs exam ..anyway its a smooth rom ...didnt face any problem myself ..whenever i face one i upload a fix and share a link here as well ...

    8. Network down(no signal) ... so flashed callfcfix and then phone turns on continuously :( system ui stopped

      1. i think i replied to apex as well please dont flash callfc i didnt upload it is not for this rom !!! ...everything works fine bro please take a backup of your nvram folder and then restore it !!!//i have given the instruction to vishal as well ..could you please read that comment !

      2. Went back to Resurrection remix 5.1 took the backup and then installed teamsek 13, gapps6.0 and rebooted and then restored the nvram but still no network

      3. i dont think it is a rom problem ..u might have lost your imei ...does it work in rr 5.1??...if yes try registering your sim in the network sometimes it doesnt registers itself ...u can find it in sim cards setting..

      4. Yes i hav network in rr 5.1 btw its a good rom :) i think its problem with my device... Everyone try this Rom :::

    9. Thanks santosh but to be honest ..there is not any reason why it should not work for you ..have you tried using mobileuncletools apk for backing up in rr and then restoring imei in temasek cm13 ...please try that if u have a spare time and let me know !

      thanks for trying the rom bro !
      Actually why i am asking you to try is because this rom has given me the best user exp ..and it is pretty fast multi tasking works flawlessly and i really want that you all should also try it ! ;P

      1. kitni pyaar se baat krta hai bhai tu,ek do page ka article hi chap deta apni port kri hui rom pe...

      2. ab kya rulayega meko !! ;P

      3. merko* hindi course krr liyo :D

      4. Tried every way to restore my imei number but nothing worked.. Manually entered my imei number still no network

      5. Tried every way to restore my imei number but nothing worked.. Manually entered my imei number still no network

      6. When ever i am flashing callfcfix through recovery, SystemUI, messenger and many more things stopped working.
        I have flashed this rom 7-8 times. every time same problem

    10. no wifi to downloaded apps.......plz help

    11. Bhaiyo thoda jaldi batao kal raat se so nhi paya hu.

    12. my 3g/2g changer is not working. sim working always in 3g mode. i want it to work in 2g, is anyone here to help me out?

    13. will it work canvas knight cameo...

    14. Can't find a custom recovery!!! Can anyone help me?

      1. there is a dedicated recovery tab right on this website. at least check around website everything is accessible before commenting


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