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Rooting Canvas Knight


1Q.What is v1, v2 and v3?
Ans. Canvas Knight has three stock roms v1, v2 and v3..
          v1 = Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.
          v2 = Android 4.4.2 Kitkat With Unmereged Storage.
          v3 = Android 4.4.2 Kitkat With Merged Storage

2Q.What is mereged and unmerged storage?
Ans. Unmereged storage mean the phone and sd card(internal) are 
         seperated which mean you have around 2 gb phone memory 
         remaining sd card storage and merged means where phone 
         memory and sd card are merged into one storage..

Q3.What is the benefit of using merged storage?
Ans. You will never run out of low memory for apps
          big games can be downloaded and played without shortage of
          storage. In short merged storage is the best.


Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphonestablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems

Rooting v1

Use this app called framaroot..
>Install The Apk.
>Open The App Choose The Third Option Reboot
>Your Phone is Rooted.

Download Framaroot : Click Here

Rooting v2 And V3

Via app
Use the app called kinguser...
>Install Apk.
>Open The app.
>Click on root (make sure you have internet connection).
>Wait for the  process to finish.
>Your phone is rooted

Download Kingoroot : Click Here

Via Recovery
Flash The Recovery for your version (v1 or v2) from recovery section via SPFlash tools.
google for spflash tool guide.
>Boot Into The Recovery by holding power button + volume up + volume down.
>Select install the zip from sd card.
>Flash the zip and reboot
>Your phone is rooted.

Download Supersu : Click Here

Drivers And More
>Download And Install All Drivers From Here : Click Here
>After Installing All Drivers..Download PDANet From Here : Click Here
>Now During Installation Of PdaNet..At One Point It will ask you to connect your mobile
    1.Go to setting>about>Tap build number 5 times 
    2.You will see a message developers option enabled.
    3.Now go back to setting you will see  a new option called "developer options"
    4.Enter that and enable usb debugging from it.
    5.Now connect your mobile when asked and all your drivers will be installed including adb.

SP Flash Tools
It is required to flash stock roms and recover from a soft bricked device
Please refer this guide for "How To Flash Via Sp Flash Tools" here : Click Here

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  1. Please provide necessary links and proper steps.. and guide to install custom recovery also.. searched over google but cant root my mobile properly

    1. All steps are already to root via app and how to root via recovery..these methods are tested and worked for everyone and for how to flash have to use sp flash guide for sp flash tools or wait until i make i guide..i am kinda busy

  2. Ok.. i need twrp recovery to flash over my knight v2. And please provide adb drivers for knight v2.. its very difficult to install adb for me plz provide necessary links..

  3. Please upload the updated twrp recovery.. M still using v1 coz cwm doesn't works in merged storage rom

  4. Please upload the updated twrp recovery.. M still using v1 coz cwm doesn't works in merged storage rom

    1. i have provided philz recovery for v3 use that one..first cross check and find stuff on website...there is a tab above which says recovery u will find it from there

  5. Replies
    1. But in v2 phones external storage and internal storage are different, how can i merge this storage for V3 roms ! this is the big problem becz when i will flash V3 rom in v2 Phone it will display only internal storage please Advise me so that i can merge my internal storage with external storage

    2. Just flash "stock v3 rom" and your storage will be merged. That's It.

  6. I have an unrooted phone, which version of the rom do I flash? Can i flash v3 directly?

    1. Yes, you can flash v3 directly. It's a stock rom it can flashed regardless of root or non root

    2. I'm trying using the apk did not work, tried using spflash the phone is not detecting! I'm on windows 10, cant see the COM driver in Device Manager even after installing and rebooting. suggestions?

    3. also, the current android version on my phone is kitkat 4.4.2

    4. follow instructions on drivers and more and tell me if you have any problem

  7. What additional feature i'll get by rooting from my v3???

  8. What additional feature i'll get by rooting from my v3???

    1. you will get system privilages that means you can use mod,tweaks,xposed which opens another world of mod and do things which a normal android is restricted to do..just google it bro.. its that simple you will get to know better

    Guys u are the best ......
    Thanks for the help.....
    I was that damned soul who suffered from shortage of storage due to V2.....
    Thank you guys....
    Am in debt!!

  10. How to unlock the bootloader for Canvas Knight...I tried via fastboot but it gives and error. Thanks.

    1. we don't need to unlock bootloader of this phone. Flash Recovery..Flash Rom..That's it


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