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Roms v3

Resurrection Remix (6.0.1) v5.6.9 (Stable) Canvas Knight v3 MT6592

Resurrection Remix 6.0.1 v5.6.9



All Cm 12.1 And 13 Features
-Improved Performance
-Extra CM Enhancement
-App Circle Bar
-C Clock Widget
-Super Smooth
-Quick Unclock
-Battery Optimizer
-Latest Patch Included


Bug fixes of screen
Lax fixed
Gapps added
Bloatware removes
Keyboard changed
Setup Wizard added and Enabled
1/2 sound fx app removed (dolby removed) (viperinstalled)
Dpi Changed
Fast charging enabled
Battery improvements (3hrs 6℅ decrease)in sleep
Ultra sleep mode improvements
Single sim works perfectly
Dual sim -no test but will work 90 percent
SuperSU pro included has to be enabled
***Gapps included***
Lots More..... 




Make a proper back of ur current ROM.
Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, Data
Flash Rom
Follow The Instruction On Firts Boot


Fire 855 (The Legend who bought cm to mtk)
Nishidh Shekhawat(NS)
Prem Dev
Resseruction Team
CyanogenMod Team


    Download Rom : Click Here (Updated)
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    1. Rom is awesome with new features added. Also there are two more apps added like Dolby atmosphere and Jet Audio plus. Network Is working fine but can confirm the stability only after using it for next few days. The keypad provided is awesome, it carries it's own unique aura. It seems like apple's keypad though it's xperia's keyboard.
      The best thing about the keyboard is enter button readily available which is not available in other cm13 Roms and is required to be added through settings.
      Few minor challenging observations are
      1)Phone lags to much that we can feel lagging even while scrolling the screen. To overcome I reinstalled Rom and also wiped dalvik but no luck. I guess will have to use seeder,but I wished if this could be smoother without seeder.
      2) Resolution is tiny as it is set to 360 pi I have changed it to 443 using resolution changer app.
      Please add resolution changer link from the link that we have given in Asus Rom under V2 Rom section on blog.
      My review is based on the usage of 12 hrs.

      1. Thanks for the hard work you people do. It's because of your efforts we could enjoy such beautiful creations.

      2. Default dpi is 480 and yes use seeder and check your battery profile sometimes power saving move increase lag

      3. @Prem Kumar Bro it is 480 for canvas knight. don't mislead

      4. Harsimran bro default ob this rom is 320 new will bw released tomorrow by me. check for latest update prem kumar

    2. I connect to a wifi connection
      But after sometime the wifi disconnects and does not connect until i restart,
      Overall awesome rom.
      Can u provide a patch for same.

    3. Yes..!!It has network problems. Network fluctuations. Network disappears within calls and post calls too. Why is it not stable as RRv1 released by AK. It has network as stable as stock.

      1. Rom Updated with all bugs fixed

      2. they all are trying there best mate,He is a newbie so please cooperate and instead of comparing one person's rom to another why don't just motivate and appreciate their good work.So that afterwards they will give there best.
        Hope you understand.


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