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Roms v3

MIUI 7 ( Global Canvas Knight v3 MT6592

MIUI 7 ( Global



Change log :- v7.3.1.0

Fix – Size limit for feedback logs Update (05-12)
Fix – Issues with uploading attachments for hardware bug reports (05-12)
Fix – Animations froze after device was flashed and turn on for the second time (05-13)
Fix – Occasional volume key issues (05-13)
Fix – Couldn’t play *.mkv files as well as buffer and play at the same time when using Google Parser to play *.mkv and *.mp3 files (05-13)

Fix – No back button when placing an emergency call without an SIM card (05-13)
Fix – Couldn’t record calls automatically if they were received during GPS navigation (05-13)
Fix – Issues with video calls in India’s Reliance networks (05-13)

New – T9 search for Hindi (05-13)
Fix – Call history stopped working in some cases (05-12)

Fix – In some cases delivery reports weren’t sent after scheduled outcoming SMS to multiple users (05-13)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Fix – Screen lit up multiple times after receiving a notification (03-10)
Fix – Music lock screen appeared when a game was running in the background (04-06)
Delete – Manage guest access to notification shade (03-18)

Optimization – Camera image processing (05-13)

Fix – Automatic backups and sync turned back on after you turned them off and then entered hidden albums (05-13)

New – Dragging songs to rearrange playlist order (03-08)
New – Saving current playlist as a new playlist (03-08)
New – Shortcut for recently played songs (03-08)

Fix – “Select app” page in Mi Mover sometimes didn’t respond (03-10)
Fix – Errors with transferring files containing “%” in the name (03-10)
Fix – In some cases Mi Mover transfers interrupted and the app didn’t respond (03-11)
Fix – In some cases Mi Mover stopped working after the connection was established (03-18)
Fix – Improved Mi Mover’s stability (05-13)

Fix – No effect after tapping OK button under the password when resetting the device (05-13)

Permissions Manager
New – A security prompt will appear when an app is installed via USB to prevent unwanted installations (03-08)
Optimization – Preventing apps which have permissions to read notifications from starting automatically (03-16)
Fix – FC issues when giving an app permissions (05-12)

Fix – Calendar stopped working with Hebrew as the system language (05-13)

Clock / Calculator
New – Long press alarm to select and delete multiple alarms (03-29)

Optimization – Press and hold to add items to exceptions (04-06)
Optimization – Fixed problems with performance after clean-ups (04-06)

New – Fingerprint unlocks for custom apps (03-15)
Optimization – App lock improvements (05-13)

Mi Cloud
Fix – Find device could be turned off without entering the password in some cases (05-12)
Fix – Call history couldn’t sync in some cases (05-12)
Fix – In some cases notification about existing backups was shown when none was made (05-12)
Fix – In some cases changing Home screen layout led to turning sync off (05-12)
Fix – The number of apps waiting to be restored wasn’t dynamically updated in the notification shade (05-12)
Fix – After a reboot, previously restored and then deleted apps appeared again (05-12)


Equilizer Settings in Head phone Not Working
Dolby And Sound patch will Fix loudness


Philz Recovery V3 Recomended
Make a proper back of ur current ROM.
Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, Data
Flash Rom
Follow The Instruction On Firts Boot


Dr. Rahul  Baviskar (Porter)


Download Rom: Click Here 
OTA : Click Here
Audio Enhancer (Dolby):Click Here
Gapps (Use These 4.4.x): Click Here

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  1. Best rom ever... Butter smooth... No lag at all... No bug at all..
    Superb Camera..

  2. Micromax a350?

  3. Perfect, stabil. Thank you ☺

  4. When will the ota patch be added? Rahul sir already has made it

    1. I will tell harsimran to update.we are running less on authors :/

  5. Hi I am facing issues with Bluetooth. When i connect Bluetooth with my car some times it works and some time it won't and same problem is with my home theater. Can we replace Bluetooth driver from other ROM. Bluetooth in MIUI rom MIUI 7 Global (Dev) V.5.9.25 ROM For V3 was very stable.


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