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Roms v3

Resurrection Remix 5.7.1 (6.0.1) [Stable] Canvas Knight v3 MT6592

From Resurrection Team-> We work to make your android experience elegant.Handpicked features beautifully packed into one ROM.

NOTE- This is an unofficial Build/Port!

COMPLETE CHANGELOGS-#‎ResurrectionRemix‬ - 5.7.1 - 20160711

The Changelog
Android 6.0.1_r46 >6.0.1_r52
FWB: Add RR logo to QS panel
FWB: QS shade stroke dash
FWB: VolumeDialog stroke dash
SystemServer: Do not start Atlas Service on low ram devices.
SysUIo Not RecreateStatusBar on Show3g and 4G
SysUI:Fix Show 3G and 4G Switch Not updating Icons
wifi: Enable WiFi IpReachabilityMonitor by default
SysUI: Disable Volume & QS Strokes by Default
FWB: QS shade stroke
FWB: VolumeDialog corner radius
FWB: VolumeDialog stroke settings
Configurable Header Text Shadow
SystemUI: Remove Duplicate NFC perm
Update QS panel resources to fix padding issues
base: remove unneeded top margin in QS tuner
SysUI: Fix Reported FC
SysUI:SysUI: Clean up objects when recreating status bar
Fix NPE in DocumentsUI when to rotate UI before format as internal
Revert "Only show keyguard panel if on lock screen + no activity on top"
SysUI: Make Dark Icon Mode Optional Along With New SB gradient
FWB: QSStroke: Don't apply any effect when disabled
Keyguard: Don't circular reveal a non-visible view
Avoid NPE in print spooler when changing language
FWB: Volume Dialogue: Force expanded mode
FWB: Volume dialogue timeout
SystemConfig: allow app link to be set to any possible state
am: clear protected apps from recent
media Modify the display of system default ringtone when it is none.
SystemUI: Fix pie translations FC
SystemUI: Restrict persistent USB drive notifications to USB discs
BT: Set persistent Bluetooth State during enable timeout case
Add absent sim info to locked screen text
Encapsulate the unbindService with try catch block
Bluetooth: Access media player list in synchronised way
WifiDisplayController: Fix p2p disconnect before RTSP teardown completes=
Wifi: Make maximum selective channel scans and interval configurable
combo bug when location reported by providers does not come with extras
Ignore IMS type APN when to notifying data connection
MSIM: Restrict data activity change to listeners with matching subId
Add config to show HD icon on EVS codec.
Remove use of '_' variable name
Revert "Revert "Only show keyguard panel if on lock screen + no activity…
Adjust padding between battery icon and text
NotificationPanelView: Make Qs Background More Consistent
KeyguardSecurityViewFlipper : Fix sim unlock height overlap
Disable proximity check on power key properly
FW: GlobalActions: Always dismiss any existing dialogue
Settings:Telephony(MSIM): Fix ANR on SIM deactivation
Settings:Fix to enable data for non adds sub.
Settings:IMS: Set Wifi calling preference to Wifi preferred by default
Settings:Wi-Fi: Do not display the not scanned saved networks forever
Settings won't start auto scan if screen recovers from frozen state
Settings:Fix MCC mnc population issue in apn editor
Settings:Update OperatorInfo in Sim status settings for correct sub id
Settings:Grey out PIN1 enable/disable option when SUB is not ready
Settings:Bluetooth : Handle SQL memory situation during OPP.
Apply active profile if user enables system profiles
LLS: Allow default enabled events to be overlaid
Themes: Provide 100% test coverage for themes
Themes: Fix ThemeManagerTest
Themes: Fix applying default theme

Translation Updates
All updates from CM


  1. STABLE-Every build is compiled to provide a stable android experience that can be relied upon.
  2. ANDROID MARSHMALLOW-Always get the latest of the android source updates from Google, CyanogenMod, Omni, Paranoid Android, AOKP and Slim ROMs.
  3. DEVICES-Resurrection Remix ROM is available for various devices with an amazing support from fellow users and developers in forums.
  4. COMMUNITY-Be a part of Resurrection Remix community by liking our Facebook page, joining our Google+ community and following us on Twitter.
  5. OPEN SOURCE-Each and every part of Resurrection Remix ROM is open source. Everyone can contribute towards its development. Fork us!
  6. OTA UPDATES{for official devices only}-Support to get notified Over-the-Air about new releases of Resurrection Remix ROM for your device is included in the source.But As this is an unofficial port,you won't get any OTA's,instead full rom will be provided.
  7. BATTERY FRIENDLY-Even with so many customizations and features available, the ROM is very battery-friendly. We avoid battery hogging features.
  8. ALL IN ONE-Resurrection Remix ROM has a mix of features from many ROMs, including Paranoid Android, Omni, Slim and AOKP.
  9. PERSONALIZATIONS-So much to customise! Don't get lost in the plethora of options.
  10. PITCHBLACK-Dark theme throughout the ROM supplemented with amazing animations.
  11. HEADSUP-Customize the Head Up notification experience.
  12. INTERFACE CUSTOMIZATIONS-Customize every visible element in the ROM, from the status bar to recent apps.
  13. MISCELLANEOUS CUSTOMIZATIONS-Personalize every bit of Resurrection Remix ROM experience.
  14. MARSHMALLOW-Experience the smoothness and beauty of android Marshmallow with latest sources.
Every New Users Testimonial: "Resurrection Remix is the best ROM I have ever used!"

WANT TO KNOW MORE? A Brief History->

Altan started the Resurrection Remix ROM project in 2012 with android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich. It soon became the most popular ROM with its original Samsung Galaxy S2 thread being the most viewed thread on XDA-developers for many months. He continued the development of the ROM till android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.
After a long break, Altan came back to development and started his work on Resurrection Remix with android 4.4.x KitKat. In the initial stages of the newly based ROM, Shubhang joined Altan. He brought new ideas to the table, with an aim to perfect the ROM in every way. He gave a face-lift to the ROM, initiated a dedicated website, improved upon things and together with Altan, both are working their ass off, making Resurrection Remix one of the best custom android ROM experience you'll ever have.

What's Working :
Video recording in stock/snap camera is working with 1080P !
Audio in calls
SMS (Receive and Send both working)
RIL is now more stable
Dual SIM
Screen Recording
Both storages (SD and Internal) mounting in both Phone and PC
720P working in youtube

Bugs :
VPN{Likely to be fixed soon in coming builds}


RR-5.7.1-Rom By Mr.AK


No Sim Card Issue Flash This : Click Here

Please flash Gapps right after you flash the ROM!



Resurrection Remix team would like to thank all of its users, maintainers, contributors, fans and its community for their suggestions and love that keeps us motivated.

We would also like to thank the following people for their vital contributions to Resurrection Remix.

David Smith a.k.a. PureLoneWolf @ XDA - For setting up an independent forum and a custom domain.
cyberboob @ XDA - For signatures and images
BigDenn @ XDA - For boot animations
Ther Chie boy - For bootanimations

Resurrection Remix team is thankful to all the developers who contribute to custom ROMs. A special thanks to CyanogenMod and its contributors for providing a base for Resurrection Remix as well as to other custom ROMs such as Omni, PA, Slim and AOKP to name a few.

Notes :
1) My only request is that do not at any cost forget to give proper credits. All credits are mentioned below
2) It only takes a few minutes to steal the ROM but it will take you months to request the developers to start working on development again. Many devs stopped working and sharing their codes just because of changing and I do not want that to happen again.
3) CM 13 could have become more stable till now if it weren't for managers who forced the devs to stop their work.

Unofficial Build/Port Credits

Credits :
Ferhung - The man behind CM13 for MT6592
Fire855 - Another legend
Ajit Guraya - Compiled Resurrection Remix v5.7.1 for MT6582 from source and fixed camera !
John Daniel - Ported ROM to MT6592
Minh Quoc and Karim Gahgah - For video recording fix
Aniruddha Adhikary - For his amazing USSD Fix
Sergey Kochetkoff - For his amazing GPS fix

Team Roger That - Ajit Guraya, Diparth Shah, Pawan Diyal, Ashutosh Dubey, Waseem Maya, Ankit Bhatangar, Rohan Taneja, Vipul Jha, Pranav Reddy 
Resurrection Remix Devs/Team
Required blobs (Really huge thanks) :
nofearnohappy, Varun Chitre, Ariafan, Vald.masti, Fire855, Alex

Avinash Kodidasu-For his amazing cam fix

Mtk WhatsApp Group-Without them this project wouldn't have been started.

Mr.Ak Aka Akash Khatri-For Porting to Knight!

About Mr.Ak


  1. yeah good post akash ,downloading rom

    1. in poweroff charging mode it shows battery bar , screen should go off but mobile charges with display on ,how to make the screen off during charging in power off mode

    2. in poweroff charging mode it shows battery bar , screen should go off but mobile charges with display on ,how to make the screen off during charging in power off mode

    3. The device actually turns on or it is the battery icon showing percentage in offline charging actually bothering you?

    4. the icon showing percentage in offline mode,normally it disapears after some time but its not ,its making screen on alog with it

    5. Try pressing power button at that time.

  2. Akash delete this post now

    1. I am making new one as many mistakes are there in this post...!
      Thanks in advance.

    2. I won't! No mistakes are there! Dude I'm from the RR G+ community. Now you will teach me what mistakes I did?! :/
      Don't dare to delete this post.

    3. there is no necessity or necessary of deleting this post , people gonna pic what post or what rom they want,you are bullying him ,it may hurt the feelings and how could you do that,as you porters be friendly what ever you are or where ever you are from, allowing two posts in blog doesnt make any difference

  3. AK bhai, thanks for this ROM. It's truly ultra stable and bugless ROM which is superb on performance and battery efficient too ������

  4. AK bhai, thanks for this ROM. It's truly ultra stable and bugless ROM which is superb on performance and battery efficient too ������


    Link for RR 5.7.1 v2
    FM added Gapps added and some bugs fixed (GPS) mainly

    Nishidh Singh Shekhawat


    Link for RR 5.7.1 v2
    FM added Gapps added and some bugs fixed (GPS) mainly

    Nishidh Singh Shekhawat

  7. I don't fucking understand why does NS think as if he is the boss of our community.
    AK is the oldest and the best developer we can ever have you're just a 2 day old baby to all these things.
    AK doesn't say anything, why do you fuck it up everytime?
    *sorry for using cuss words but now he has crossed all his limits*
    He even deleted the hexagon ROM post by AK.
    I don't know what's Tue problem with him.
    Why is he always pissed off with anything AK does.

    1. Ha ha
      Karun ur just showing your "standard"by sayin these words.
      I am not pissed of but ak has spoiled the format of the blog by posting this all unnecessary stuff.
      U are calling me a 2 day old baby.h a ha look at yourself 😂.
      Ur no where close. So u don't have right to say these things.
      I did not delete any posts .

      So think before saying noob.@karun

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      And one more thing I am not gonna help,port,poston the blog any ROM.
      Until u Karun apologize for this.


    3. ------------------------------------------

      And one more thing I am not gonna help,port,poston the blog any ROM.
      Until u Karun apologize for this.


    4. Huh? Can just talk shit sitting in mumbai :/
      If you don't wanna help and just spam then stfu!
      And now you will teach me the formats of making posts?
      Dude before saying just visit the RR G+ community and then you will know why i have added this stuff! °°^°°

  8. What to bloody fuck?! This is too much! Why changing the title of my roms everytime and deleting my posts! Jealous of my roms being more stable than yours?! This is because I'm in this thing for fucking past 4 years!
    Next time you do this and I'm sure as hell gonna remove you from authorship!

    1. He neither can delete nor can change title. i didn't deleted any of your post or edited and only changed the title cause previous one are too long. nothing else.
      and you people just stop fighting there is no need of any negativity here. it's juts a website to store and share ROMS.
      Thank You.

    2. Bro then how my hexagon post got deleted without any reason? :/ i can't see my hexagon post anywhere in which i spend 3 hours to make!

    3. Your hexagon post is still there.. :

    4. U cant do anything ak and I am not doing it
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    5. I can't do anything?
      Do you even know who I'm? :|

  9. This is because you port them manually and he uses android kitchen :v
    Anyways, AK bhai you're the best, was the best and will remain to be the best 😍😘

  10. May be should create new blog,

  11. Post Update : >.Removed Gray Bars In Text
    >.Added Proper Screenshots
    >.Fixed Some Grammar Mistakes

  12. found some bug type thing

    when head phones connected touch not working partially,

    1. Strange :/ are you sure headphones are fully compatible with knight?


  13. Bug.... Wifi and bluetooth not auto connecting to saved and paired devices

  14. Yea Autoconnect problem, certain youtube vids dont work, 1080p youtube get stuck in middle, can't receive calls when earphone plugged in

    Rest all is fine

  15. mera wifi connect ho raha hai bt work nhi kr raha hai baar baar no internet bata raha hai kya kru ?

  16. Bhai ho gya.... ek baar reboot kiya wifi autoconnect nhi ho raha.......

  17. Bhai ho gya.... ek baar reboot kiya wifi autoconnect nhi ho raha.......


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