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Files For Porting CM 13/12.1 For Knight By Dr.Rahul Baviskar (Easy Way)

Just replace all the files from downloaded zip file to the port cm13/cm12.1..for only knight!

This is the easiest and fastest method ever to port and now even newbie can port like a pro :)

You can easily use this files if you are out of stock rom in which I will be also doing because my hdd has been formatted.

for boot part-Download the Mtkbootimg tool which i'm providing below,and replace the kernel file and ueventd.rc under init folder from stock boot.img which is already in the zip provided by Doc.

In addition,if you are facing data connection bug,replace rild,gsm** from stock rom.

For more info on how to use this tool-

Zip file for cm13 porting by Rahul bro-Click Here

Mtkbootimg tool--Click Here

Though after using this method to port,you shouldn't be facing any major bugs,however if you face any do let us know in the comments section and we will try to fix it ASAP!


Dr.Rahul Baviskar-For providing all the files.

Ajit Guraya-For the tool;


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