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Roms v3

Paranoid Android R74 (6.0.1) Canvas Knight v3 MT6592

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is a custom ROM aiming to extend the system, working on enhancing the already existing beauty of Android and following the same design philosophies that were set forward by Google for Android Open Source Project.



Read and interact with your notifications as they arrive. Avoid distractions that would take you away from that awesome document you are working on or from that impressive trick video you are watching.

Immersive mode
Hide the system bars globally. Give your apps more real estate to show colourful images, funny texts and entertaining videos on. 

Enhance the simplicity of the navigation bar while saving screen space on Immersive mode. Use the navigation buttons using simple swipes. 

Glance at your notifications when pulling your phone out of your pocket right after the notification buzz. 

Dynamic System Bars 
aka DSB 
Merge your status and navigation bars with the surrounding content. Provide a smoother and more immersive experience. 

Theme Engine 
by CyanogenMod 
Enhance your system, polish it, quickly make it be just the way you want it to be. Pick from the endless options available on Play Store. 
Paranoid Android is so much more, but it must be experienced, felt. 


2G/3G Switch


Make a proper back of ur current ROM.
Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, Data
Flash Rom
Flash Gapps
Follow The Instruction On First Boot


First of all,Fire855[the legend himself] who made cm12.1 possible on Mtk devices
Dr.Rahul (Porter)
Paranoid Android Team
Compiled By Tirth Patel


Download Rom : Click Here
Gapps : Click Here
No Sim Card Issue Flash This : Click Here

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