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VPN , Network and YouTube 1080p fix Mtk65xx

SIM (Network Issue)

Sim Network issues? Read this:
Single SIM Behavior

On Single-SIM (when using only one SIM slot) :
  • You can toggle between 2G / 3G just fine
  • Data connection will work just fine


when in Single-SIM and to avoid bugs with Data connection, and other Network Related issues

Change this line in build.prop (/system):
This will persist (enforced) your phone into full Single-SIM Mode.

So this solves the Network problem
If you experience many Network up and down catch the porter!

You all can also use the fix zip provided at the end of every room having that problem

        YouTube 1080p Fix

Newer youtube app versions have broken video quality detection. For fixing that problem you need to use a older youtube version. This version is working:

Second Method

To fix HD Videos on Youtube all we have to do is: 

Thanks to : @Typhus_

Install Latest Youtube App
Open it and see any video (one you know it should be 1080p available but it's stuck at 360p)
Navigate to /data/data/ (use any explorer with root permission)
Open youtube.xml

<boolean name="h264_main_profile_supported6.0.1" value="false" />

Replace to:
<boolean name="h264_main_profile_supported6.0.1" value="true" />
Save the file


thanks to @nervehammer
Follow these step to enjoy VPN in cm builds ..
1. Go to psiphon and choose Browser-Only mode don't tunnel whole device.
2. Go to its logs tab and check the port of http proxy.
3. Now open WiFi setting and long press to your WiFi network (from which u are connected) go to modify tab and from check the advanced options.
4. Chosen manual proxy option and put host name as and port as the no. which you noted in step 2 (eg. 8080) and click save .

Enjoy you have set up a VPN connection successfully.
You can open your browser and check your IP 

Note: You have to undo this after you don't need VPN by changing manual proxy to none .

For those who want to use Orbot vpn

This is very similar to previous vpn workaround for psiphon
Just follow these step for Orbot 

1. Open Orbot and long press to start orbot.
2. When all bootstrapped done go to check browser it will ask for normal browser or install Orweb .
3. Open Orweb and volla you r connected to tor but actually its not to tunnel your traffic to vpn go to Orweb settings.
4. Now note the proxy host and proxy port generally it is localhost(same as and 8118 respectively but it may change so better to keep updated with port numbers.
5. Now go to wifi setting and long press the wifi (from which u r connected) and check advanced options.
6. Choose manual proxy option and put the host name and port no. (e.g. 8118 ) which u noted in step 4

Now u can check from any browser and volla Congo this browser is configured to use tor.
Sorry for long guide but it is detail enough so that anyone can easily setup tor in cm builds.

Note: You have to undo manual proxy option to none after you don't use vpn.

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  1. I'm on the latest CM, and my YouTube doesn't get stuck at 360p, it manages to play 720p videos but in 1080p it freezes almost completely with audio still playing. What can be done to fix this? I tried factory version of YouTube but it's still freezing.

    1. YouTube 1080p is unfix able cause MTK decoders doesn't work with Cyanogenmod & Cyanogenmod Based Roms and everything is handled by google's software decoders which is not able to process 1080p videos..You have to live with it or play at 720p.
      This fix only suggest that it can enable 1080p..but it won't play

    2. Thanks for the information. Also I found that the battery was uncalibrated. It went to zero in mere 45 minutes. But when I rebooted, it showed 40%. So I discharged it completely, then charged it while turned off. It seems okayish now. But can you suggest something for the battery? Doze is working fine but on-screen battery decreases quite fast.Also, the battery graph doesn't show anything else that screen.

  2. I'm using cm 13 and I didn't receive SMS and call pls help

    1. Which CM 13? Describe your issue in detail.


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